Delta Airlines has been known to have inconsistent check-in policies depending on which airport you are flying from and whether or not your flight has online check-in. Regardless of the intricacies of their policy, one thing always remains the same: they want passengers to get through security quickly and without hassle. If you know how to handle yourself in the Delta Airlines check in line, you’ll have no problem at all making it through security with plenty of time to spare before your flight takes off. Read on to learn more about how to get your boarding pass in no time with Delta Airlines!

Step 1 - Book your flight

It's a very simple step, but you must book your flight for it to work. Go directly through Delta Airlines official website or use a third-party site like CheapOair. However, don't forget about other services that can help make booking flights easier, like Airline Fees Waiver which not only helps you find cheaper tickets but also book them in a single click.

Step 2 - Choose your seat

If you're just booking at check-in, go right for your seat. If you have a carry-on, it's best to board as early as possible; you may get stuck behind someone who needs assistance boarding if you wait till later. The sooner you board, the faster you'll get where you're going. You can't pick your seat ahead of time unless it's economy plus or first class. When selecting seats on Deltaair flights, passengers can choose seats from two categories—main cabin or international business class—but not both. All seats in main cabin are considered either preferred economy seating or standard economy seating; these options change only slightly in price but make a world of difference when booking for extra space.

Step 3 - Make sure you have the right documents

Before you head to the airport, make sure you have your boarding pass. The Delta Mobile app is a convenient way to get it on your phone or computer so you can print it out or access it on your mobile device while waiting in line. You’ll also need ID, as well as other information that depends on whether you're flying within an international country's borders. For example, if you're traveling within Europe, then an EU passport isn't enough—you'll need a visa too. If you aren't sure what documents you need for a Delta Airlines flight just ask when making reservations so that no surprises cause delays at check-in counter time.

Step 4 - Check in online

You can save time by checking in online instead of at a counter. Remember to always have your confirmation number and passenger name or ID ready. This step only takes a few minutes, but can save you time in line! Step 5 - Print your boarding pass: You can either download it to print on home printer or get one printed at an airport kiosk. Delta Airlines has various printing options, so click here for details about what is available at each airport.

Step 5 - Collect your boarding pass at kiosk

Your boarding pass will appear on-screen once you check in online. Remember, don’t print a paper copy or have someone retrieve it for you from another terminal at Delta Sky Clubs —this causes major delays when it comes time to board. Collect your paper boarding pass at a kiosk (see Step 4 above) as you enter airport security for your flight, and scan your mobile device if that’s easier for you. And now we go on to learning more about how Delta Airlines handles their customers after we are checked in!
Step 6 - Approaching the counter
when you approach a counter, smile, look interested in what they are saying. Don't wear your headphones, let them know why you are there in a clear confident voice. Repeat back any questions they ask you so that they know that you're listening. Do not try to go behind their backs by starting on another computer or asking someone else for help if there's a line. There's no reason for rudeness - it only delays everyone's passage through check-in, which lengthens lines and makes everyone unhappy! So keep calm, don't panic and be sure that you follow all of Delta Airlines check in policies when getting ready for your flight.

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